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Alpaca Coin Purse Alpaca Coin Purse

Cute little purse featuring an plush fluffy alpaca face. Zipper opening for storing your favorite little things. Small chain for attaching the purse to a bigger purse, bag, backpack or anywhere your heart puts it.

Price: $14.00
Alpaca Fuzzball Keychain Alpaca Fuzzball Keychain

Funny! We've heard all kinds of names for these cute and fun alpaca keychains when showing them at shows. Whatever you call them, call them fun!

Price: $10.00
Alpaca Pens Alpaca Pens

Make writing fun with our hand crafted pens. The base is wrapped with Incan textiles and a miniature alpaca on top. Each one is unique with different color combinations.

Price: $6.00
Children's Activity Book Children's Activity Book

A 48 page book filled with fun and educational activities for children and adults too! Learn alpaca facts, color alpaca pages, crochet alpaca-potholders, make alpaca pancakes, and so much more!

Price: $6.00
Crinkle Mouse Crinkle Mouse

The best cat toys have a secret surprise... Our fuzzy mouse makes irresistible crinkle noises when squeezed! With furry alpaca fiber and suede ears & tail, it's sure to drive kitties wild.

Price: $7.00
Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

With a gift certificate from Pacabella, giving the perfect present to your friends and family members is easy! You get to choose whether to have the gift certificate emailed or printed (and mailed by Pacabella) to the recipient(s) on your behalf.

Plush Toy Alice Plush Toy Alice

Alice the plush Alpaca is an easy going, friendly and wonderful pet! She wants to be clear, she is officially NOT a llama! She says alpacas are smaller than llamas, and that they are known for their docile nature and superb fibers (kind of like fur). Alice is fluffy and soft and she is super proud of all that fluff!

Price: $15.00
Plush Toy Jasper Plush Toy Jasper

8″ tall Jasper is made of soft golden caramel colored fabric. He's the perfect size for cuddling or play!

Price: $10.00
Plush Toy Lance Plush Toy Lance

This is Lance.  Is he the funniest looking alpaca/llama you've ever seen? He has the longest eye lashes, he must be a she.  We'll leave it to you to change the name!  Really adorable, soft and cuddly, he/she stands 15" tall.

Price: $29.00
Plush Toy Lena Plush Toy Lena

Lena is a delightfully soft pick-me-up. Her small 7" size means she fits perfectly into small hands, or tuck her away into the pocket of your bag or coat for a unique and adorable travel companion.

Price: $10.00
Plush Toy Lexi Plush Toy Lexi

What is fuzzy, fluffy and adorable? Our little Lexi. So soft, plush and squishy you won't be able to stop pinching her sweet cheeks. Her exquisite material is an extremely soft, realistic looking brown and cream mix. She stands at 8.5″ tall.

Price: $10.00
Plush Toy Paddy Plush Toy Paddy

Paddy O’Llama is proud of her Irish heritage! When she’s not frolicking with her friends she can be found wearing green sweaters and eating a big hearty meal of corned beef and cabbage! Super soft plush and a ton o’ fun! Stands 11" tall.

Price: $15.00
Silly Snake Silly Snake

Ssssoft! Sssstripey! Sssslinky! Kids love our 15" long friendly snake toy. Handcrafted in multicolored knit stripes in Peru. Sold individually, each snake is unique!

Price: $14.00
Standing Alpaca Standing Alpaca

These adorable stuffed alpaca figures stand at 9 " and are made of 100% baby alpaca.  They are oh sooo soft and make a perfect gift for every alpaca lover!

Price: $30.00
Teddy Bears Teddy Bears

These 10" hand sewn, super soft teddy bears are made of 100% baby alpaca.  Always one of a kind, making them a unique and special gift for all ages!

Price: $30.00