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What is Felted Soap?
We felt our all natural soap with the fiber from our very own alpacas! We use an age-old natural process using water and agitation which “felts” the alpaca fiber to the bar of soap. As the soap shrinks so does the fiber, using every bit of soap until all you have left is a piece of fiber!

It's Like a Soap and Washcloth in One
Eliminating the need for a washcloth or bath sponge, our felted soap gently exfoliates your skin. Excellent for gardener’s hands, keep a bar at the kitchen sink. The fiber makes it easier to hold onto your bar of soap (so it's great for kids and those with arthritis) and this cozy bar lasts longer than standard soap. After every use, store it on a soap dish that will allow all sides to dry out.

Certified Organic Ingredients
Our soap is made with certified organic materials, essential oils, an all vegetable base and moisturizing elements. Plus, it's triple milled. Triple milled soap contains less water and more actual soap creating a very hard, long lasting, luxurious bar of soap. Each bar weighs 4 oz. (before it is felted).

We offer our soaps in 5 luxurious fragrances:

● Aloe & Cucumber

● Lavender Chamomile

● Unscented Goatsmilk

● Fresh Milk & Shea

● Rosemary, Cedar & Thyme

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All Natural - No Dyes!
We do not dye our alpaca fiber to create our felted soap! And why would we want to? God made alpacas in 22 natural colors - everything from white and beige, to black, greys and beautiful browns! Besides, using dyed fiber to felt an all natural bar of soap kind of defeats the purpose of being called "all natural" - doesn't it?

What Do I Do With the Piece of Fiber When the Soap is Gone?
We say - buy another bar of our felted soap! Actually most cats love alpaca fiber so you could fill the piece of fiber with catnip and surprise your furry friend with a unique play toy they are sure to love!