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Alpaca Shoe Inserts Alpaca Shoe Inserts

These alpaca shoe inserts are made from natural alpaca fiber grown and crafted in the USA! These alpaca insoles are thick, soft and provide a warm barrier between you and the cold below. They work well in outdoor boots, indoor shoes, motorcycle boots and even slippers! The natural cushion feels great on tired feet and are comfortable to wear year round.

Price: $18.00
Alpaca Teddy Bears Alpaca Teddy Bears

These 10" hand sewn, super soft teddy bears are made of 100% baby alpaca.  Always one of a kind, making them a unique and special gift for all ages!

Price: $30.00
Bird Nesting Ball Bird Nesting Ball

So, what is this nesting ball (patented and trademarked), and what makes alpaca fiber so special as a nesting material? Each four-inch ball is made from grapevines, and hand-filled with at least three colors of fiber (alpacas come in 22 natural colors). The fiber that is used in the ball is typically from the seconds that are shorn from the animal each year. (No animal is harmed to secure the fiber.) The seconds are normally too short or not the quality used in the production of fine garments. The nesting ball hangs from a jute rope in a tree and blends into the environment. Alpaca, a hollow fiber, wicks water and when wet, quickly dries to its natural fluffy state. The delicate fiber, unlike some nesting materials, is easily used by birds and does not attract predators to the nest. The chickadees and titmice, in particular, enjoy it!

Price: $12.00
Charcoal Plaid Throw Charcoal Plaid Throw

This plaid throw will enhance the decor of any room, adding color and providing hours of warmth and  comfort. A generous size of 66" length (including fringe) x 54" width.

Price: $95.00