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Alpaca is Luxurious!
At times, we all feel the need to be kind to ourselves, especially when the winter cold sets in. Alpaca clothing is known for its luxurious feel, so why not treat yourself? The fine nature of alpaca gives it an additional gentleness when it’s worn and its softness allows it to feel gentle and non-prickly. Even when you get inside from the cold and the heating is turned up to the maximum, your alpaca clothing will remain comfortable to wear.

Sustainability is becoming ever important to consumers. More of us are starting to realize the importance of living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and there is a greater understanding of the need to reduce our dependency on products that cause damage to our environment. But what makes alpaca so eco-friendly and sustainable? One of the major reasons is the lack of lanolin, which means it doesn’t need chemical processing like wool.

Alpaca is also eco-friendly because:

  • Its durability means it will last a long time, which reduces the waste associated with poorer quality materials.
  • The fiber of the alpaca can be safely shorn annually throughout its lifespan without risk to the alpaca’s well-being; this makes alpaca fleece a sustainable source.
  • Alpaca fleece comes in 22 colors, so there’s often no need for artificial dyes that could be damaging to the environment.
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Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

With a gift certificate from Pacabella, giving the perfect present to your friends and family members is easy! You get to choose whether to have the gift certificate emailed or printed (and mailed by Pacabella) to the recipient(s) on your behalf.

Children's Activity Book Children's Activity Book

A 48 page book filled with fun and educational activities for children and adults too! Learn alpaca facts, color alpaca pages, crochet alpaca-potholders, make alpaca pancakes, and so much more!

Price: $6.00
Alpaca Pens Alpaca Pens

Make writing fun with our hand crafted pens. The base is wrapped with Incan textiles and a miniature alpaca on top. Each one is unique with different color combinations.

Price: $6.00
Crinkle Mouse Crinkle Mouse

The best cat toys have a secret surprise... Our fuzzy mouse makes irresistible crinkle noises when squeezed! With furry alpaca fiber and suede ears & tail, it's sure to drive kitties wild. And for all the cat lovers in your life, check out the Herd of Cats Socks!

Price: $8.00
Crinkle Chicken Crinkle Chicken

The best cat toys have a secret surprise... Our delightful chicken makes irresistible crinkle noises when squeezed! With furry alpaca fiber and suede tail feathers, they're sure to drive kitties wild. Colors vary but we'll pick the best for you. Made in Peru.

And for all the chicken lovers in your life, check out the Herd of Chickens Socks!

Price: $8.00
Stuffies! Jasper Stuffies! Jasper

8″ tall Jasper is made of soft golden caramel colored fabric. He's the perfect size for cuddling or play!

Price: $10.00
Stuffies! Lena Stuffies! Lena

Lena is a delightfully soft pick-me-up. Her small 7" size means she fits perfectly into small hands, or tuck her away into the pocket of your bag or coat for a unique and adorable travel companion.

Price: $10.00
Stuffies! Flurry Stuffies! Flurry

Winter is Flurry the Llama’s favorite season! When those fluffy, white flakes begin falling from the sky, she bounds around her paddock with joy. As pure and white as the newly fallen snow, this cuddly stuffed animal is a whimsical companion that will delight animal lovers of all ages. Flurry’s shaggy coat is crafted from plush so soft, you won’t be able to resist giving her a squeeze. Bright red pompom trim edges her long ears and a candy stripe halter lends additional color to her appearance. Let her graceful long lashes lure you in, this playful plush Llama is brimming with whimsy and is sure to be the perfect addition to your holiday festivities!

Price: $10.00
Mary's Alpaca POOP - 5 Pods Mary's Alpaca POOP - 5 Pods

After you stop laughing, read on. Our plants are LOVING it!

Alpaca poop is a wonderful fertilizer, and Mary's Alpaca Poop is a specially formulated breakthrough in natural, healthy, organic plant care. This bag contains 5 pods.

Price: $10.00
Bird Nesting Ball Bird Nesting Ball

What is a bird nesting ball and what makes alpaca fiber so special as a nesting material?

Each four-inch ball is made from grapevines, and hand-filled with alpaca fiber. Hang the nesting ball from its jute rope in a tree which blends into the environment. The delicate fiber, unlike some nesting materials, is easily used by birds and does not attract predators to the nest.

Price: $12.00
Stuffies! Lexi Stuffies! Lexi

What is fuzzy, fluffy and adorable? Our little Lexi. So soft, plush and squishy you won't be able to stop pinching her sweet cheeks. Her exquisite material is an extremely soft, realistic looking brown and cream mix. She stands at 8.5″ tall.

Price: $12.00
Stuffies! Junebug Stuffies! Junebug

Indulge your imagination with Junebug, a very special plush Llama who’s all about fantasy and fun! Junebug is the picture of grace with her luxuriously long eyelashes and fleecy coat of soft, white plush. Wearing a pink ruffle skirt embellished with a gold scallop trim, she poses glamorously. Atop her head, a bright crown adds an aristocratic golden glow. 7" long.

Price: $12.00
Stuffies! Lil' Wolly Stuffies! Lil' Wolly

Some say that Lil' Wolly's finest feature is his sweet, caring personality while others rave about his soft, golden colored coat. 6" long.

Price: $12.00
Alpaca Dryer Balls Alpaca Dryer Balls

Alpaca dryer balls are all natural, hypoallergenic, and an excellent alternative to the chemicals of fabric softeners or dryer sheets for softening clothes, reducing static and eliminating wrinkles.  You also save electricity by reducing drying time up to 25%.  Environmentally friendly and long lasting, use all three balls in each dryer load.

Price: $18.00
Stuffies! Isa Stuffies! Isa

Isa is a fabulous plush Llama with enticing South American vibes! Her ultra long eyelashes and colorful tassels at her right ear capture some of the flair of her Peruvian homeland. Isa’s soft, woolly coat features brown and cream plush materials in a realistic spotted pattern. Shortened legs lend this unique Llama stuffed animal an appearance both whimsical and heart warming.8.5" long.

Price: $18.00
Stuffies! Storm Stuffies! Storm

A delightful combination of whimsy and distinction, Storm is loyal plush Llama who will stand by your side no matter how cold those winter winds blow. Crafted with soft plush fur with a realistically shaggy texture, Storm will tempt you into lavishing her with hugs and cuddles. Quality polyester fill ensures she will stand up to a lifetime of love and play. Her pure white color is accented by playful red pompom trim and a red and white halter. Storm’s expressive eyes are fringed with soft, long lashes and her snout features stitched details for that classic Llama look. Hold this cuddly friend close when winter’s chill begins to creep in and let Storm the snuggly Llama stuffed animal keep you cozy!

Price: $18.00
Mary's Alpaca POOP - 10 Pods Mary's Alpaca POOP - 10 Pods

After you stop laughing, read on. Our plants are LOVING it!

Alpaca poop is a wonderful fertilizer, and Mary's Alpaca Poop is a specially formulated breakthrough in natural, healthy, organic plant care. This bag contains 10 pods.

Price: $18.00
Alpaca Shoe Inserts Alpaca Shoe Inserts

These shoe inserts are made from 100% alpaca fiber grown and crafted in the USA! These alpaca insoles are thick, soft and provide a warm barrier between you and the cold below. They work well in outdoor boots, indoor shoes, motorcycle boots and even slippers! The natural cushion feels great on tired feet and are comfortable to wear year round. Just trim extra fiber to make the insert fit your shoe.

Price: $19.00
Needle-felted Alpaca 6.5" Needle-felted Alpaca 6.5"

This fabulous needle-felted sculpture is made entirely by hand, and proudly stands 6.5 inches tall. Each little face is sewn and created with love. She comes in rich natural colors that reflect a small portion of her vast color scheme in nature. The custom hats are hand knit for our little friends, complete with ear holes. Each sculpture is finished with a loop for hanging or can also stand. Due to the hand crafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations. Hat colors vary but we'll pick the best for you. Made in Peru.

Price: $20.00
Running Socks Running Socks

The comfort and durability of alpaca now in a performance sock. High density alpaca in impact zone area, breathable mesh for cooler and drier feet and seamless toe ends.

Price: $20.00
Footie Socks Footie Socks

Snuggly is the word to describe our Alpaca Footie Sock. They are comfy like a slipper with rubber grippers on the sole to prevent slipping. Silver top with black sole and toe. Cuff is very short, barely to the ankle.

Price: $22.00
Luxury Dress Socks Luxury Dress Socks

Stay comfortable in these soft baby alpaca dress socks. Smooth and soft with stretch ribbing, mid calf fit.

Price: $22.00
Ski Bands w/Copper Ski Bands w/Copper

Keeps your ears toasty warm with these exclusive copper ski bands. The warm, luxurious softness of alpaca is complemented by the breath-ability of cotton. Engineered with an all-natural, built-in copper and silver based ion additive that creates a safe, permanent anti-microbial barrier to help fight odor.

Price: $24.00
Ski Bands Ski Bands

Using a luxurious blend of baby alpaca, nylon and spandex, our terry plush pile is extra thick, but soft and comfy for any type of outdoor activity. A simple way to keep your ears toasty warm!

Price: $24.00
Herd of Alpaca Socks Herd of Alpaca Socks

These are the best socks for all alpaca and fiber lovers!  Multicolored alpacas on a charcoal background, made of the softest blend of baby alpaca and viscose bamboo.

Price: $24.00
Herd of Sheep Socks Herd of Sheep Socks

These are the best socks for all sheep and fiber lovers! Multicolored alpacas on a charcoal background, made of the softest blend of baby alpaca and viscose bamboo.

Price: $24.00
Herd of Snowmen Socks Herd of Snowmen Socks

One snowman, two snowmen, we call three snowmen a herd! The cutest snowmen on a charcoal background, made of the softest blend of baby alpaca and viscose bamboo.

Price: $24.00
Therapeutic Socks Therapeutic Socks

These "therapeutic" alpaca socks have no irritating seams or binding elastic. Anatomically shaped to aid in proper circulation of the blood from the feet to the heart. Recommended for poor circulation or those with diabetes. Also fabulous for anyone with tired feet wanting instant warmth and comfort.

Price: $24.00
Argyle Socks Argyle Socks

Diamonds in the rough. Stay warm and dress up comfortably with these smooth and soft baby alpaca argyle socks. Thin enough for practicality and warm enough for comfort.

Price: $24.00
Jacquard Frida Socks Jacquard Frida Socks

These socks have been proudly Made in the USA! Their design is a take on a Frida Kahlo inspired painting print in sumptuous alpaca Jacquard knit, with definite artist influence. These socks are as comfortable as they are pretty. With the perfect blend of alpaca, these socks are perfect for shoes ranging from business formal to jeans and sneakers.

Price: $24.00