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Our farm and boutique are open Thursday through Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

ANNUAL ALPACA SHEARING: We will be shearing the alpacas on Saturday, May 12th from 10:30 until 4:00 - please come join us!! Bring the kids, a blanket and your lunch, relax and stay for a while!

Most people spend about an hour with us - feed the alpacas, take pictures and relax with us in a lawn chair or our cozy boutique filled with luxury alpaca clothing, felted soap, children's toys and more! Visit our two babies from Snowmass Alpacas, the leading fiber breeder in the US and we also have two more babies on the way this Spring!

We would be happy to open the farm and/or boutique for you at any time for a special event or if you need to purchase that special gift! Please call or email us for more information!

FARM FRESH EGGS: We feed our chickens with non-GMO feed. What does that mean? The feed they eat is not genetically modified - more and more people are making the connection that "you are what you eat." When we raise and eat beef cattle and chickens on a diet of certified organic whole grain feeds, we are doing our own bodies good.

Along with being fed a high quality feed, the hens also free-range on the farm everyday - this makes their egg yolks almost orange! They are super delicious and so much better for you than store bought eggs it's worth spending a few more pennies. Our farm fresh eggs are $4.00/dozen.

Pacabella Farm Alpacas & Boutique
John and Robin Watson
1799 Jubal Early Highway
Wirtz, VA 24184
Phone: 540.890.8364
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