Pacabella Shearing Day 2018

Alpacas get new 'dos at Pacabella Shearing Day 2018

May 14, 2018

We had a super shearing day this year at Pacabella Farm Alpacas and Boutique! Altogether, David Willis of Iron Heart shearing clipped 13 alpacas, including one pregnant alpaca, two young alpacas who'd never been sheared and two from another farm.

In addition to being sheared, the alpacas got rabies vaccinations and treatments to prevent worms. Some also got their teeth and nails trimmed.

We were blessed with good weather, and visitors were in and out all day. Several first-time visitors made it out to the farm along with some long-time friends. Many folks brought their lunch, visited the barn and made fun purchases in our boutique.

When it was all done, the alpacas were much cooler and we had 11 bags of firsts, which weighed more than 40 pounds!

Enjoy the video!