After months of anticipation, baby Anya is here!

Our daughter, Bella, gets a little love from cria Anya.

After months of anticipation, baby Anya is here!

May 26, 2018

Of course the day Luba decides to give birth, we have a barn full of farm visitors!

I'm watching as the head is coming out (wrapped in the placenta and the little mouth and tongue moving) and then the neck, and the neck, and the neck ... and where are the feet?? I looked at my husband and said, "Are you going to lube up or am I ??!!" It all depends on your point of view, but guess who won?

All I did was rub my lubed hands around the baby and out flung those loooong legs. Thank you, Jesus! This is the second time we have had to assist in a delivery, so if you are a first-time breeder or just want a review, you should attend a neonatal clinic.

Anya, which means "gracious" or "bringing goodness" in Russian, weighed 13.4 pounds at birth
. We waited and waited with anticipation, and now that she is here it is amazing to see her thriving, to see how quickly she is learning to eat grass and hay and being oh so independent already! We have not bred for several years so when Anya was born last week it was a reminder of how awesome God is. We forgot how exciting it is to have a new baby on the farm.

"Well, hello there!," says Anya, soon after being dried off.

Here's Bella drying off the new cria with lots of interest from mom.

Who is the sweetest baby EVER in her little coat??

Mama and baby get some rest.

A very proud mama.

The other alpacas are so interested in little Anya.